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What is Body Tempering?

Body Tempering uses weighted rollers on your muscles to:

  • reduce muscle soreness

  • enhance mobility

  • alleviate soreness

Why is this important?

  • better movement during your workout or sport

  • improved muscle recruitment for greater strength and speed

  • faster recovery between workouts, ensuring peak performance for your next training session

  • reduced risk of injury

  • better posture

How heavy are the tools? Does it hurt?

The tools range from as little as 4lbs to as heavy as 110lbs+.  They are carefully chosen based on your tolerance, the specific area of the body to be tempered and the amount of tissue involved.

Body Tempering should never hurt. It should feel like a moderate pressure, typically around a 7/10 intensity level, with 0 being "I can't feel anything" and 10 being "get this thing off me"

Is Body Tempering new? 

Body Tempering has been around for decades but is growing in popularity and is used by many professional athletes including those in the MLB and NFL. 

Donnie Thompson, a world record Powerlifter who became the first person to total 3000lbs in competition, developed Body Tempering. He used this recovery and mobility tool throughout his career, which undoubtably contributing to his remarkable success and longevity.

Who is it for?

Whether you're a competitive lifter, a fitness enthusiast dealing with tightness or mobility issues, or you have a sedentary job and posture concerns, Body Tempering can benefit you.

However, there are specific conditions, like osteoporosis, where Body Tempering should be avoided. Dr. Sarah conducts a comprehensive assessment to ensure it's a safe option for you and that no underlying conditions pose a risk. 

Watch to see Body Tempering in action



Single Sessions

30 min

60 min

90 min

120 min

5 Session Packages

30 min

60 min

Dr. Sarah's Body Tempering Credentials:

  • Body Tempering ® Level 1 Certification - March 2023

  • Body Tempering ® Level 2 Certification - August 2023

Check out the official Body Tempering Website to learn more.

Dr. Sarah at the Body Tempering Certification Course with Donnie Thompson, Body Tempering Instructors and other Practitioners
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