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Experience the power of one-on-one sports rehab.

We Do Things Differently Here.


We are NOT traditional. 
  Unlike many PT clinics, we provide: 
          One-on-one care
with Dr. Sarah.
          No handovers to aides or students.
          Full hour sessions.
          Transparent pricing with no unexpected bills.
          Plenty of strength equipment.
 exercise coaching and instant modifications based on your symptoms.



We're based out of a gym. 
    Our goal is to offer the space and equipment you need for proper sports rehab. Whether you want to return to heavy deadlifting, are new to the gym and experiencing shoulder pain, or are an athlete preparing for your season, our location has what it takes to make you stronger.  In addition to full access to the gym equipment, we have a private treatment room for evaluations and manual therapy.


We are athletes too.
    Athletes connect on a unique level. Dr. Sarah, a competitive powerlifter with experience in bodybuilding and 16 years as a gymnast, speaks your language and understands the mental challenges of sports. She assesses technique and makes necessary adjustments to keep you in the game. 


How It Works

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Step 1:

A thorough evaluation is needed to assess the total body for posture, gait, general movement patterns, range of motion, strength, alignment, and other specific tests. This all helps determine what tissues are involved and what the origin of the pain is. Treatment is begun on the same day if time allows and a plan is made moving forward that works for your needs and goals. 


Step 2:
Follow Up Sessions

Follow up sessions are tailored to your needs and goals. They may include hands-on work to calm muscle spasms, correct alignment, and improve mobility. Typically, sessions include specific exercises designed to address the issues found during your evaluation. Every treatment is run by Dr. Sarah, so rest assured you will get thoroughly coached through every exercise and understand how and why it is helpful. You may get a home exercise routine to facilitate the rehab process.

Dr. Sarah is available by phone or email in between each session for feedback on how you're progressing. She always enjoys getting updates from her patients!


Step 3:
Maintenance As Needed

Maintenance looks different for everyone. Dr. Sarah generally like to follow up with her patients to reassess their status and adjust the home exercise program to ensure continued progress.


What We Treat

We address a variety of orthopedic conditions:

  • Muscular, joint, tendon, ligament and nerve issues

  • Both acute and chronic conditions

  • Post-operative and non-surgical cases

We work on all major joints:

  • Spine (neck, mid-back, low-back, SI joint)

  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand

  • Hip, knee, ankle/foot



  • $150  (60 minutes)

Follow Up:

  • $125  (60 minutes)

  • $62.50  (30 minutes)

In order to provide the highest quality of care, we are out-of-network with all insurance except for Medicare. Out-of-Network care may be eligible for reimbursement

Ready to be pain-free?

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