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Lifters need someone who won't tell them to stop lifting weights

Many have been told to stop lifting weights when injured - it's the easy answer.

At Stronger Performance PT, Dr. Sarah doesn't like easy. She assesses your technique to find the cause/contribution of your pain and incorporates this into your treatment plan.


Lifters need a clinic with real equipment and weights

Most traditional rehab clinics only have up to 20lb dumbbells, limiting their ability to assess form and prescribe adequate resistance to make you stronger. 

At Stronger Performance PT, we're located inside of NexT Fit Clubs, a huge facility with all the machines, squat racks and weights you'll need. 


Lifters need 1:1 time with the actual Dr of PT

Most PT clinics pass you off to unlicensed staff for over half your session to run you through exercises you could do on your own.

At Stronger Performance PT, your entire session is with Dr. Sarah. You'll know the purpose behind each exercise, learn how to activate certain muscles, and gain the independence to continue rehab on your own.


Lifters need to work with someone who also lifts weights

Dr. Sarah understands that you want to be healed yesterday and you can't just skip the gym.

Even if certain movements or body parts are restricted, she'll offer modifications to keep you sane and in the gym.




1. Find & fix the underlying cause of your pain

2. Address any technique issues in the gym

Without step 1, you'll only receive temporary relief. 
Without step 2, you'll heal but may get re-injured. 

This combined 2 step process is what makes Stronger Performance Physical Therapy the preferred choice of lifters. 



  • Hands-on treatment to calm muscle spasms and improve alignment and mobility, if needed.

  • Detailed exercise instruction to understand muscles worked and purpose 

  • Technique correction in the gym to ensure progress outside of PT and prevent future injuries

  • Home exercise routine with ongoing communication between sessions as needed

1:1 care - your entire session is with Dr. Sarah

Hour long sessions (more or less if needed)

Transparent pricing (see FAQs below)





  • Head-to-toe assessments of mobility and strength to uncover muscle imbalances

  • Technique assessments of powerlifting & bodybuilding movements 


  • Do you take my insurance?
    We are only in-network with Medicare Part B, otherwise we do not directly take insurance. Working as a self-pay model enables us to offer you highly personalized 1:1 care free from insurance limitations. We are able to spend completely 1:1 time with you and not push you off to unlicensed people, which is often the case at most insurance-based clinics. Dr. Sarah knows from experience that exercises need to be taught with intention and catered to your specific injury including making on the spot modifications if something isn't feeling right. Treating multiple patients at once and having unlicensed people run the exercise component of your PT session is simply ineffective at accomplishing this. Because Dr. Sarah can spend her undivided attention with you, it allows for intentional rehab with extensive education about what your condition is and how to tackle it. So much gets done in a single session that usually results in quicker recovery and significantly fewer sessions required. All of this adds up to long-term cost savings. We will provide you with everything you need to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Additionally, we do accept HSA and FSA cards for payment.
  • What are your prices for physical therapy?
    The evaluation is $150 and is around 60 minutes long. Follow-Ups are usually an hour long and are $125. If needed, 30 minute ($62.50) and 90 minute ($187.50) are also available. Packages of 4 and 8 sessions are available at a slightly discounted rate.
  • How will I know if I get reimbursed?
    We recommend you call your insurance and ask them "What are my Out-of-Network Physical Therapy Benefits." You should find out if you have a deductible to meet first, and in rare cases, if authorization is needed, which we can obtain for you if it is required. In some instances, your IN and OUT of network deductibles can cross accumulate, meaning credit for one goes towards both which can help you meet your deductible and get reimbursed sooner. From here, the reimbursement rate of your insurance for an out-of-network physical therapy session may or may not be equal to what we charge. It is easy to upload and submit the receipts to your insurance, and within a week or two you should find out if they reimbursed you.
  • Do I need to see a doctor or have a prescription to come see you?
    A prescription is only necessary if you have Medicare. Otherwise, New Jersey has direct access laws allowing patients to see a physical therapist without a doctor's referral or imaging. Physical Therapists are specially trained to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions and will refer you back to a physician if needed at any point during the rehab process. However, this often not needed and saves you time.
  • How is Stronger Performance Physical Therapy different from other PT clinics?
    In most physical therapy clinics, therapists spend 15 minutes or less with you, often while overseeing multiple other patients and then pass you off to an aide or student to go through exercises. The frequency of visits is typically 2-3 times per week for several months, and access to weights and equipment may be limited. At Stronger Performance Physical Therapy, you work one-on-one with Dr. Sarah for a full hour, with a customizable plan tailored to your needs. During your session, you are her only patient and sole focus. Treatment usually includes manual therapy to improve flexibility, correct alignment, and relieve pain. She guides you through every exercise, ensuring you target the right area and understand how each exercise will help you. We have a fully equipped gym with plenty of weights and equipment. You often need fewer sessions and less frequently. You also have access to Dr. Sarah via phone or email even between your sessions. Patients report significantly greater satisfaction with this level of care, and so does Dr. Sarah!

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I have been competitively powerlifting for about 10 years and have had to deal with multiple injuries along the way. I have had multiple experiences with traditional physical therapists, which is in a group setting with very limited 1 on 1 time. Last November at a powerlifting meet I injured my right quad/hip and for the next 8 months dealt with being in pain and discomfort all while still training... During my initial visit with Sarah she determined pain was from my right glute causing my hip to shift out of place. I was given a bunch of different exercises and by the following week my pain was almost nonexistent. Sarah also looked over my form with squat, bench and deadlift and gave me different cues to work on so my form was as efficient as possible. You will not get this level of physical therapy anywhere else and Sarah will get you back to performing your sport or hobby pain free. I would recommend Sarah for anybody who is looking to fix an injury without surgery.


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